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FanFunded is brought to you by ArtistShare, the people who changed the game when they created and launched the world's first crowdfunding platform for creative artists back in 2003.
We're very excited to now be launching a new platform for creators of all types.

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creative process as it unfolds

What have we learned about crowdfunding in the last 10 years?

A lot.
After over a decade of crowdfunding experience we've learned that the relationship with the fan is everything. It's not about asking for a handout. It's all about providing a mutually beneficial experience for both the creator and the fan. We provide the tools and the know-how to succeed.
Our History
Trust us, we're artists.
FanFunded was created by musician/composer/ArtistShare founder Brian Camelio. We are artist owned and operated. We understand how artists think and our primary purpose is to help build relationships through the beauty of the creative process. And yes, we help fund creative projects too.

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