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My columns in Pulse!, DownBeat, Stereophile, The New Yorker (special sections), and most recently in the now shuttered ZEALnyc have come and gone. They were special in my career writing about music and the artists who fill their souls into song. My latest column iteration is here at Jazz & Beyond Intel. Enjoy!

Jazz & Beyond Intel: : Lakecia Benjamin Showers the People

Jazz & Beyond Intel : Lakecia Benjamin Showers the People; Three-Dot Lounge: Becoming Seen & Heard; and Beyond: Chi-Town Pop——CTA to “Chicago XX” 

Jazz & Beyond Intel No.1 Thana Alexa Breaks Barriers, MORE

March 4,  2020


Jazz & Beyond Intel No.1 Thana Alexa Breaks Barriers, Catherine Russell Sings Early Gems, Christian McBride Bolsters the Movement, Heads Hands & Feet’s 50th Anniversary


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Herbie Hancock with Dan


As writer, author and storyteller, I write tales about musicians and their artistry based on my conversations with them. My speciality is jazz music. I am available for writing bios, feature stories and guest speaking in conversation with artists.

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My column Jazz & Beyond Intel will go live once a month. News of this will go out via social media. Stay tuned: April's lead will relate to guitarists.

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Michelle Kuypers North Sea Jazz Festival: "You have been very dedicated to the program at the festival for so many years –I very much like the way you make the musicians you interview (both in interview as in the Blindfold Test) at ease and the space you give them to talk freely, and by doing so trigger them to reveal quite a bit of themselves-. Because of this your interviews always have been a pleasure to attend and listen to. This also having been the reason I have invited you to North Sea Jazz, after first having been impressed by the Down Beat Blindfold Test you had live in Anaheim during the IAJE conference of 2002."


"What astounds me about Dan's interviewing is the depth and breadth of his knowledge, and then somehow asking the key - usually simply phrased - question and listening with perfect timing to get the unique, illuminating answer." ——Bob Danziger is a regional film maker, musician, composer and writer, living and working in the Monterey area. In 2011 California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB) awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts for Music, Invention and Pioneering Sustainable Energy. 

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Rising-star Thana Alexa